Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jan. Class Ideas

Nice colors on this cat.

Vase, jug and pitcher have just been unloaded from
the kiln. Always a surprise to see what turned out
the way I expected....the colors do some amazing
things under that much heat.

This of course is a duck in a pot.
Duck is stained, not glazed.

Freshly made coil pots and pinch pots from a Dec.
class, in their un-bisqued state.

We are doing one more week of classes, then we will take a break for the Family Wonderful Times of Christmas.

We are evaluating options for classes in Jan. and the scheduling for firings in the kiln and such. The classes in Jan. may be two weeks apart to manage the drying and firing times more efficiently.

If you have any special requests for new classes, this is a good time to send them to us.
We can put you on our e-mail list and you will get all the updates.

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