Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Video

Holidays 2008

Good Day to all who may stop by my blog today.

We have had a blessed and safe holiday season. Lots of family meals together .... yumm yumm. I will try to remember to put my biscotti recipe on one of these pages. Good earthquake food too, since it keeps pretty well, and my variety has a lot of protein.

We fetched our pottery from the Stone's Throw Gallery in Kernville yesterday. A beautiful drive it is!!! Yet it takes us a full two hours ..... both directions of course. So we have some of our pastel pieces, some colanders, and some elephant foot mugs back in our possession. We get a little attached to some of our pieces. When you create these with your own hands, and glaze them with a lot of thought through the many layers, imagining what it might look like, (since with these glazes you don't know until it's fired), you are rather connected with the finished product.

We are thinking of putting some of it on e-bay or finding a closer shop or gallery.

Class info will be out this next week, I think. Probably the weeks of Jan. 12 and 26 will be open for a variety of classes including beginner, slab, beads, etc. Let me know what your interests are and I will put together a class.