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Bio by M+H

Artists Michael and Melinda have been married for 30 years and share a love for rustic, colorful, handmade crafts. Their studio is located in California, in a small desert town, known for abundant wildflowers, sunny skies and clear views of the surrounding snow peaked mountains.

The couple draws their artistic influences initially from the Southern California hippie movement, but more recently from the hills of Tennessee, where they have a second home and 42 acres near he Buffalo River. They have been involved there, with a group of Appalachtian style mountain people, for 8 years now. The community is a mixture of family-run small farms and home-based craftsmen. Many are from Amish backgrounds. The community works together and sells their harvest and handcrafts from stands on the side of their country road which winds through the backwoods and grassy hollows.
The word “biscotti” refers to a twice-baked Italian cookie which Melinda is well known for making in a delicious variety of flavors. While Michael is busy baking their pottery twice in the kilns, his wife is busy baking cookies twice in the oven. She usually has several of their home-made bowls full of the tasty treats and is ready at a moment’s notice to host anyone who happens by.

A Stones Throw Gallery

Our son and his dear family who live near Kernville discovered a shop there. They encouraged us greatly to get our work displayed there. So it is. The place is located in a small square that surrounds a nice park. The river is less than half a mile away, and the area is quite beautiful.