Thursday, April 15, 2010

Classes for May and June 2010

Pinch Pot class scheduled:
May 6 and May 20 at 3:30
First class, we will create the pinch salsa bowl or a cup.  Then it will dry about a week, then we pop it in the kiln and fire it.  Second class is two weeks from the first class.  In that session we will glaze the piece.  It then needs the next firing.  We use food use clay and glaze.  $15. for the two sessions and all materials.  Examples in the photo of student's work.

Class to make slab boxes:

We need 4 to 6 students to proceed with this adventure. 
Topics covered:   scoring and slipping the clay slab after measuring and cutting out a pattern to create a box.

See the link for  an on-line tutorial, with photos, to see what we will do.
We can add embellishments, of course, and then after bisqueing we will glaze it.

  $15. per student for the two sessions.   Write me if interested, and we can arrange a schedule for two sessions:  One to create the box, and Two to glaze it.  The class sessions need to be 2 weeks apart for the drying and glazing.

Class to make Sugar and Cream Set:
Perhaps we could have a Mother/Daughter class where we work together to make a mini cream and sugar set.  If interested, call me.  
We would need 4 to 6 students, meaning 2 to 3 Moms with 2 to 3 daughters, preferably one mom to one daughter, so they can work together. :)
$15.  for the two of you for the two sessions. 

If you think of something for Father's Day, let me know, and I will consider it.
The slab wall hanger is a good one, or a pinch pot salsa dish, or a Face Mug (see photo).

Just e-mail me at for more info, address, phone number, etc.