Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mike, a ceramic tile artisan for over 30 years, (tile installation), and Melinda, a credentialed teacher, are having pottery classes.

We are studying pottery diligently and have the equipment to teach it, too. We
have the work shop, the wheels, the table, the kilns, and the glazes to
produce something unique and creative.

The ability for many ages and abilities to work side by side and the therapeutic value of creating something all add up to a great fail-free art experience.

We have a small studio behind our home.
E-mail us for a time to visit.

Group lessons for six to eight:
This class is transportable meaning we can bring it to your location or hold it in our studio.

Session One:
We bring the clay and teach coil and slab construction. Participants build using these techniques. We will have examples of simple projects with us. Usually an hour is sufficient to build two or three small pots, baskets, nut bowls, or ornaments. If you think your group would like more time, we would consider your needs. These items then are fired in a kiln at our place.

Session Two:
We bring the glazes and show how to use a variety of color combinations to create beautiful pieces. These must be fired again and then we return them to you.

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