Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Leaf Bowl, Vase and Questions

Slab Work in Leaf Shape

To those of you who asked pottery questions, here goes:

Appropriate Age range:

Well, it depends. My dad who is nearly 80 creates pottery stuff
nearly every week. My grandchildren, ages 2 and 4, do this quite often

I think that children over 7 have the attention span and abilities to
not need constant individual attention and that is why I put the age
of 7 in my guidelines. Yet, I am flexible. If a Mom, Dad, Grandma,
Grandpa, big sister or brother, etc. want to come to be the helper for
a little one, it might or might not work. Who knows? Write to me, or call and I
can let you know if I can flex, or if I cannot. OK?

I am trying a parent participation type class with younger ones for
the Glazing Only Class. Meaning that they glaze already bisqued
pieces, like ornaments or smallish stuff.

The glazes we use change color when they are put in the kiln. Some
of them do not resemble what they will be at all. Some do. I try to
imagine what the colors will be and how they will blend. You could
get a color wheel, or look one up on the net and study color

If you meant how many different ages can I have in one class, I think
that's pretty flexible also. It is group instruction, yet individuals
create their own pieces. Again, call me with specific ideas and we
shall see what could be worked out.

What is a pinch pot?
You take a ball of clay and pinch it into a pot.

What is a coil pot?
You make snakes and pinch, seal them together and form them into
something. I have made little baskets with this design. I am sure
there are many varieties of things to make with this method. Our son
made a coffee cup with this method.

Slab construction:
Sort of like pie dough only thicker and easier to handle I think.
Then you shape it into cups, pie plates, pocket wall hanger, vases, etc.

The wheel takes hours and hours of time to become competent. That's another topic for another time. We do have a kick wheel and an electric wheel but no classes yet in this.