Sunday, November 14, 2010

Classes for Nov and Dec 2010

Pottery Classes for Nov. and Dec. 2010

One-time class of just glazing  DEC.  8, 12 to 3 pm.   It may only take 20 minutes to do an ornament, maybe less.  Just call me so I can reserve a place for you.  Parent supervision needed for those under 7. 
Anyone can manage this!  $2.00 per ornament.  I have just a few of these, so it's first come, first serve:  airplanes, dinosaurs, angels, hearts, leaves, ducks, etc.  These are already bisqued and ready for glazing.  So, come on down as a family or a little group, pick an ornament or two to glaze bright colors, or pastels, initial it  on the back (with glaze)  and you have your own special ornament.  We will kiln fire it and you can pick it up within a week or so.  :)

Monday Nov. 15 and 29
Monday Dec. 6 and 20

Pick your time:  10:30, 1:30 or 3:30

Classes:   Beginning fun for all ages:    pinch cup or bowl.   $15 total,  per student,  for the two classes needed to complete the project:  Day 1 to create, then  two weeks later for Day 2 to glaze.  The two firings, the clay, and the glaze are included in the price.  Check my blog for photos.  The individuality that comes out in clay work is so much fun!

It’s best if we have from 3 to 5 students for a class. 
Also available:   Slab class, coil building, family game set construction (variable prices), animal modeling,  slab and coil construction.   This is quite experimentally fun.  It's best to do the pinch pot class before any of these other classes.  Some of these require a bit of experience. :)

Think at least a  month ahead if you want to make gifts.  Send me a note here if you would like to be on my list for updates and phone number. 
I always have stuff for sale if you need a pottery gift, and gift certificates and cards.   Just call to see if we are home.
Mike's still doing tile installation, also.

Girl Scouts Earn Pottery Badge Falll 2010