Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Class Ideas

It's a new year, new hope amidst the hard things of life.  Let us press on, not staying in any pit of cyclical nonsense, press on, not giving way to the hardships of life, press on to Play with Clay for the pure value of creation, joy, expression. 

These two dates in Jan. and Feb.  comprise the creating day and the glazing day,  and the project could be completed before Valentine's Day unless we get a freak snow storm, which will tangle us all up with problems. :)  
January 24 and Feb 7  (Mondays)
10:00  class full
1:00  class full

Feb. 11 and 25  Fridays
3:30  class full

 We could decorate bowl or cup size pinch pots with hearts, stars, eagles (that would be a challenge as I don't have an eagle cookie cutter)  or whatever you dream up.  Small Valentine's party idea?   Just need 3 or 4 students, and if you want to bring snacks, this could work!  
Same times as above, or e-mail me  with special requests. 

Feb. 14 and 28.  Up for discussion.
Send me a note and we will plan a Valentine's event for a small group, if you like.

Class purpose is  to enjoy the process of building with clay.  The slab work above makes a delightful wall hanging.  The turtle was made by my dad, in his 80s, with some dementia, which may or may not have helped in the creation. :)

Each class should choose their realm before coming to class:  slab, pinch, or coil construction.  This way, we can teach and create with more focus.  Otherwise, we get baffle-brained and it just won't be as successful.

We might plan a four week class in March.  We shall see!