Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We can build little slab mugs and big face mugs in classes. 

Introduction to the beginning pottery classes

All classes are Hand Building, Not the Wheel. If you want to learn to

throw on a wheel, someone at the factory outlets
has classes through the city and the college has classes. It takes a lot of time, clay,
practice, commitment. Michael may consider it, if these other options don't work for you.

We do hand building classes because they are fun and rewarding. We
teach the basics of coil, pinch and slab construction. We have the
kilns and do all the firing at our studio. All clay, glazes, and time in the studio are included in the price.

I have too many ideas for classes for this year: heart wall hangings, crosses, face mugs, animals, coasters, game sets, woven and coil baskets, little cream and pitcher sets, wall hangings with imprints you design, box building.

In the Two Day Class we create the project, then bisque fire the
item. Two weeks later we glaze the project, then we fire it again,
and it will be ready for pick up. Glazes in this class are mixable,
which means you can experiment to find what colors you like. (Most
glazes are not mixable this way.)

Our studio holds 4 to 6 students easily. More, if necessary.
Class cost $10 to $15 per student, for the completed class. (Meaning
either the One Day Class or the Two Session Class.) There will be
size restrictions on the project, for obvious reasons.