Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Etsy Rant

Our etsy shop has been a lot of work.
First, you have to make stuff.  Well, that is fine, since we do.
Then, you have to decide which things to sell in your etsy shop.
Next, you need to take a photography class and figure out all about pixels and what-not and glare and what-not and sizing and what-not.
If you haven't worn out yet, you must know how to put the photos on your computer and then on the desktop and then oh, wait!  You should edit your photos and make them Excellent, because there is Competition on etsy.  Lots of it.  And no one can pick up your stuff and know that it feels great.

Where was I?

 Go have a cup of coffee or some ice tea and come back to ........Oh, yes, pop those photos on the etsy dealy-bobbers so that your stuff is see-able to the billions looking for pottery.

Then describe your stuff, creatively of course.  Not just Hey it's a Bowl made from clay, no it needs to be a description:  A lovely greenish bluish brownish bowl for salad, or something, and you want this bowl cus it's the best one for your blueish greenish brownish decor and your salad will taste mighty fine out of it.  Especially a salad with cranberries and gorgonzolla cheese and with a bit of arugula and of course some organic olive oil and balsamic vinegar on it.   Yes, you need this bowl;  it is a necessity in this age of messy financial things going on.

Let's say you have managed thus far and are quite proud of yourself.  Well, you are  not done.  You need a paypal account and you need to remember yet another password.  And if you haven't done it quite right, you need to remember a whole lot of other junk.  Like what is your mother's maiden name?  And what was your favorite pet's name in fifth grade?

You may eventually get some sales.  This is exciting!  This makes it all worth it.  This means something good has happened.

But if you don't get any sales there are about a billion ways that the dear etsy folks have figured out to keep you busy and not remember that you haven't had any sales.   Like, how about the Teams and the Treasuries and the Circles and What-Not.   At least while you are running about all over etsy, you are seeing what is for sale.  And for how much.  And how confused you can become running from one circle to another, later deciding to do a treasury or two and finding out how inane the whole thing seems.  But, nevermind about that.  You are on etsy.  A world-wide place for home made stuff.  So, we are competing with people that don't mind making 10 cents for every hour they spend.
I think I could go for a raise like that. :)


Rejoice Formula

Side view of Rejoice Formula

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    • Side View of the Rejoice Formula